Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

As you know our theme is a starry night theme with a heavy use of plum purple and navy blue colors. The main inspiration for this idea comes from my favorite artist Vincent Van Gough's famous painting "Starry Night" and "Starry Night Over The Rhone"

Starry Night

Starry Night Over The Rhone

That being said I hope some of you now make the connection between this blog's title ("Starry Starry Bride") and Don McLean's song about Van Gough, "Vincent (Starry Starry Night)" :)

Anywhos, we're using the pictures for inspiration and a drawing board for color ideas. I'm set on navy and plum being our two main colors and figure white/silver will play a role in the scheme as well. One thing you'll notice in these two paintings is the use of the color yellow, which I'm increasingly wondering if we should incorporate that as a color, but that's still on the fence because although it looks great in this work of art, when you lay out the colors navy, plum and a butter pecanish yellow, not so appealing.

This morning I got to thinking about cakes.

Which has me craving icing right about now.

Some of you may know that we're planning on serving cupcakes at our wedding as opposed to the traditional wedding cake. Why? Cupcakes are just more fun, more easy going and downright tastier (in my mind).

When I was a little, little girl I had a kitchen play set -- complete with plastic stove top, plastic oven, plastic countertop, plastic baking ware, you get the gist. While all of that plastic was good fun my most favorite part of this set was the plastic cupcakes that you "baked" in the oven. I always remember playing with those cupcakes and having such a strong desire to eat one. The vanilla base and purple icing topping was irresistible (if we dug them up today I'm sure there's be gnawing marks all over the toy).

Thus, my love of cupcakes began. Growing up I was never a huge fan of cakes and the thought of a wedding CAKE kind of grosses me out when I could have my beloved cupcakes if I wanted to!!

Anyways, back on track now, I was surfing the net this morning with a novel idea. Perhaps we could have those cupcakes I used to obsess over when I was four in non plastic form! Since our colors ARE purple and blue, we could have some purple and some blue cupcakes...... with vanilla bases!! *excitement*

Thennnn I got to thinking about what the heck are we going to cut?? So obviously we'd have a top layer that we'd cut and have tiers of cupcakes below it. Since the theme of the shindig is Starry Night I thought to myself: "self, how cool would it be to have the top layer decorated like the painting Starry Night??"

A little googling and ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom.....

(These are actually cupcakes :p)

So that's that. What's nice is that cupcakes are slightly cheaper than slices of cake (approx. $2 a pop vs $3.50).

I had always wanted cupcakes but wasn't sure how to do it. I figured we'd end up with a cake like this:
Which is gorgeous, don't get me wrong.

But this cake is a canvas.... let's paint it.

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