Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome Wedding Stalkers!

Welcome to the wedding blog!!!

I previously hosted a blog through our wedding website but after a disastrous slip of the finger, it has been deleted. So we're bloggering it! Woohoo!!

If you don't already know I, Amanda, will be marrying my beloved, Danny, in May of 2010. All we have set in stone so far is the photographer (Elizabeth Burgess) and the venue (Doubletree Suites at RDU).

Yes, we are getting started a bit early (started planning in July of 2008) but we feel it will really take a load off our mind getting a head start. We booked the photographer in August before we left for England for Danny's birthday and this week we're paying the initial deposit for the venue!

I'm super excited. I'll have to post some pictures soon of the hotel and some of Elizabeth's work but for now I leave you with just a few pictures of things I found tonight online that I think would be fabulous!
I think this would be gorgeous on the table tops in lieu of flowers. I may change my mind or may even wrap flowers around the stem of the crystal ball but I just have such an issue with flowers, I mean, you spend hundreds on them, they're used for a few hours and then ditched. What a waste :(

Alternatively we could go with something like this on the tables and maybe a ring of flowers around it? I'm torn because I love the idea of this twiggy, votive piece but I don't know if I'm crazy about it. Our wedding theme is basically a midnight/starry theme with plum, navy and silver as the main colors. I think this could really add a touch of class to it and again would help with my wasteful flowers dilemma!

I think something like this along the aisle on the way to the alter would be beautiful. I know, I know, flowers for the anti-flower bride? But I think it's simply beautiful, it reminds me of the moon (great for the theme!), we could maybe even using those chinese lanterns for the same affect. Which brings me to our last photo of the evening....

Chinese lanterns are a must for our wedding. I love the idea of them here scattered amongst the ceiling of the tent to give off a hip, earthy vibe. We're either going to rock something like this, twinkle lights along the ceiling or navy and plum lights shining on the white tent roof. In fact, using those lights with these lanterns would be pretty snazzy!!

Ok, ok....just because I can't resist here's a quick picture of the inside of the tent at the doubletree where we'll be having the reception. I'm. In. Love!!

That is all, good day!

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