Monday, October 13, 2008

Pictures, Words, Excitement, Oh My! (read: definition of wedding blog)

I started using Love to Know back in England when it was quasi-new to the world wide web. Now that the site has grown and evolved it covers an array of knowledge including extensive information on weddings! Don't believe me? Check it out: Love to Know: Weddings

Sexy, right? I could spend hours on this but had to stop at only one with fear of getting too excited and not being able to get to sleep with the brain wheels a turning.

I really like the two flower stands before the isle here. I wish I could see the altar a bit better because I'm lacking ideas for decorations in that department. But in due time I suppose....

This picture is super sexy and a great idea that I actually got from Save on Crafts. You can even purchase battery operated LED lights that would work perfectly. 

Okaley dokaley, back to my LoveToKnow finds. This next picture is just pretty. I have no real desire to use pink or roses as the main flower as depicted in this picture, I just thought it was gorgeous.

This next one I can use. As you all know, I want cupcakes for the wedding. The only thing I'm not too keen on is that cupcake tier stand versus the look of an actual cake. So why don't they meet in the middle?

This centerpiece is pretty, a bit too formal, but pretty nonetheless.

This is a great idea for the guest book/prezie table. A mailbox for cards??? Gorge.

Speaking of guests books, Love to Know puts this best and gives a brilliant idea: "Signatures are so impersonal when it comes to guest books. Why not let your guests create a page for you ahead of time and bring it to the wedding? You can put them all together later. The guests get to show their creativity and thoughtfulness because they won’t be in a hurry. Just mail them a page from the book ahead of time."

Another sweeeeeeet idea they gave was this - two words: wedding piƱata! (picture from Shari Bare Photography)

And now for my favorite topic, lighting! These two pictures confirm what you all may be thinking, and the answer is yes, I do like lanterns.

Another fun site I found tonight was Beau Coup. Check out some of the snazzy schtuff....

Personalized yo-yo as a wedding party gift? Wicked awesome! A bit impractical, but still pretty cool.

These are a great idea. Conversation starter topic place cards. Can you say "Two birds with one stone"!

These would be perfect if they weren't $20 each.....

This last one is just for fun......


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