Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Morning all!

It's an extra beautiful morning here (although I'm not too sure what the weather is like outside) because it's my day off! Woohoo!! So in lieu of working, here's some pictures I thought I'd post to help express my dreams of this wedding a little further!

Enjoy :)

Here's a lovely bouquet of purple wild flowers that I fell in love with. Only issue with this is that since they are wild flowers there's no telling where or when they're going to pop up, which could be a little stressful the day of the wedding if no flowers are available.
And then here's a gorgeous one as well that may be a little more bride-esque. Only thing I would change is I would add more baby's breath for the look of stars!
I loveeeeee this altar!! I wonder if there's some way to incorporate this with our altar outside. While we were itching for a night time ceremony, we could only book a ceremony at 4.30 pm. So it will still be light outside and I'm not sure how well this decor would look then. Hmmm.... any ideas appreciated!
As for the receptions this is fun and funky. I love the colors and the lights on the wall!! Not too keen on the centerpiece. If I had to pick flowers for the centerpieces I think I'd pick something like this....
It's baby's breath! How cool is that? Pretty snazzy I say, and very cost effective.
This is something we could totally work with. I love the two giant bushy bouquets on the far wall, that could easily be done with baby's breath. As for the lights, they're a must have. Luckily, having a white tent we can hire purple and blue lights to shine on or through the then. The dance floor may not be able to be done but I'm ok with that, with all the commotion on the floor I feel it makes it a little too "clubby". Oh! And, I love the lamps with black lampshades on the table. Very classy!

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